What is special in Kumbh Mela 2019

What is the difference between 2019 Kumbh Mela vs last 2013 Kumbh 

This year Uttar Pradesh Government is putting all effort to make this grandest of the festival ever to make worlds largest gathering a successful 49 Days event in India. 

So after 6 year now what is the improvement in Kumbh Mela planned 

  • 2019 Kumbh Budget is just Double from last 2013 Kumbh and this stand to Rs 2,000 Crore (Approx USD 300 Million) 
  • Area (2500 Hectare) allocation or space for Kumbh is increased by 25% compare to last one 
  •  Sectors in Mela has gone to 20 compare to last mela 14
  • This year 5000 plus religious and social organisation is already enrolled compare to last 3500 
  • Target of visitors in 2019 Kumbh Mela is expected to be 120 Million which 20% more then last one which was Maha Kumbh. Huge! 
  • Almost 1 Million foreign tourist are expected in 2019 these are not India who stay abroad they are absolute tourist 
  • So how many NRI’s are expected? 2 Million is the answer 
    • 15th Pravasi Bhartiya Divas is going to be held in Varanasi on 24th Jan 
    • Special tents are setup for NRI’s arrival stays 
    • UP Govt will run special trains between Varanasi to Allahabad to bring NRI
  •  All 6 Major bathing dates are planned to handle huge inflow of tourist on these days  

Any new thing 2019 Kumbh

Couple of new innovation planned by UP Government are 

Water Transport – To Carry pilgrims inside the Kumbh are 

5 ghats from where to and fro are identified from there to run Jetties which will carry 100-150 pilgrims and this is the first time in Kumbh history it will happen. This will reduce long walks between the ghats also. 

To ensure smooth journey in water ways boats men are identified they will be in defined uniform and these Jetties would also be colour coded to ensure easy identification. Also fare of these jetties would be reasonable and fare list would be published. 

Most critical ask for Kumbh pilgrims is to have a holy bath or Shahi Snan.

To ensure clean water and in enough quantity UP Government has made arrangement between Tehri & Narora Dam authorities at Sangam areas for holy bath. 

Foreign Tourist expected in Kumbh 

Tourist from more than 75 countries are expected to arrive in Kumbh Mela.