Top Tour Packages for – Kumbh Allahabad

Custom made Tour Packages of Kumbh Mela & Around curated for 2019 Ardh Kumbh

Key Crafted tour package range between short to long duration based on previous years experiences. Quite a few options ranging from Budget to Luxury.  These itineraries are as well based on feedback received from past travelers. Our Product manager ensures that they do not make cheap itineraries but the best value for money. 

Most importantly we can get you curated itineraries or bespoke packages as per your requirements. Please check all tour package option below in case you need customisation in below tour please leave your query.

Multi-Day Tour packages for Kumbh Mela 2019 Allahabad 

Package NamePackage TypeInclusionPriceBooking
3 Days Kumbh Mela Tour (Can be clubbed with others)Multi Day tour 
On arrival at Varanasi airport/Allahabad Airport, meet our representative and drive to Kumbh Zone. You can avail 2 experiences tour from the ones mentioned below. If you reach before afternoon (depending on your flight arrival), you can enjoy joy ride/Boat cruise which runs around afternoon time. Overnight in Kumbh Zone. Accommodation in a Deluxe Camp. 

This day on leisure for capturing Royal bath in your camera and take bath on your own. You can witness the mass bathing of holy saints, the nagas and the aghoris, on the shores of Ganges. Keep you camera ready to capture this once a lifetime moment. 

Later day on leisure. Overnight in Kumbh Zone. Accommodation in a Deluxe Camp. 

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner in the camp. 

On this day guest take morning and evening 1 experiences tour from below options. Later drive to Varanasi/Allahabad airport by AC Shuttle. 

Meals: Breakfast. 

$ 790Book Online with Partner or Leave Query  
6 Days Varanasi & Kumbh Tour (No Royal Bath) Multi DayVaranasi to Allahabad to & fro by AC Shuttle, 3 nights at Deluxe camp, 4 experiences, 1 Joy ride/Boat Cruise.
2 Experiences of Kumbh Mela (Morning/Evening) & 1 Experience on day 5. 
$ 990Book Online with Partner or Leave Query  
6 Days Varanasi & Kumbh Tour with Royal BathMulti DayVaranasi to Allahabad to & fro by AC Shuttle, 3 nights at Deluxe camp, 4 experiences, 1 Joy-ride/Boat Cruise. Royal bath experiences (Paid Service INR 7000 or 110 USD)$1,160Book Online with Partner or Leave Query  

Experiential activities for Kumbh Mela

Kumbh Mela Experience Tour- 2 hrs 30 mins (Introduction to Kumbh)
This tour is complete introduction of Kumbh Mela where one will know about Meaning of Kumbh, History of Kumbh, Importance of Kumbh in Ascetics Life, Importance of Kumbh in Hindu religion & General Public. 
150 minutes experiences tour which will be on shared group joining basis in Kumbh Zone of Allahabad.$ 40 Leave Query 
Akhara Experiences – 2 hrs 30 minsAkhara are major participant of Kumbh Mela and we were surprised by information received from Akhara’s during our research work. We feel that world should know about them.If tourist visiting Kumbh Mela and not knowing about Akhara’s in their own words then their purpose of visit will be incomplete. To know about any big event it is important to know about it’s major participant too. So, These tours become very important.
150 Mins of Walking knowledge tour of Akhara Experiences$ 40Leave Query 
Naga Experiences – 2 hrs 30 minsThis are similar to Akhara curated experiences which got too many surprising elements in their untold story & world know very less about them. Our researched Naga curated experiences brings you very specific information about Naga’s. and make visitors knowledgeable & give them clear understanding about Naga Saints. 150 Mins of Walking knowledge tour of Naga Experiences$ 40Leave Query 
Aghor Curated Experiences – 2 hrs 30 minsAghor way of reaching god (Meditation) is considered to be most difficult. They are also known to be very powerful Hindu saints. Through our research we bring to you many knowledgeable information which can thrill and amaze you. Also, guest will be blessed by surprise gift while departing.150 Minute walking tour on Knowledge about Aghor Baba (Saints) and Akara$ 40Leave Query 
Joy Ride & River Cruising Experiences – 1 hrsDuring this guided Joy ride one can know history of Allahabad, it’s importance in Indian history due to river routes and know more about attractions which fall on the way in ride.Joy Ride & River cruising 50 Minute experiences $ 40Leave Query 
Yoga, Pranayam & Meditation Session – 55 MinsThis is 1 hour session at 6 am daily(Time may differentiate. Will be prior informed) in Kumbh Zone by Yoga expert. This session 1st Part will include 20 mins of Rythmic Yoga in which 7 Ashanas of Surya Namaskar in 12 steps. Also, this part will include another 25 ashanas. 2nd Part of 20 mins will include 7 Pranayams. 3rd Session of 10 mins for Meditation & Last session for Mangal Maitri.Yoga, Meditation practice session of 1 hour$ 40Leave Query 

Some of the best itineraries for Allahabad Kumbh Mela

Because most of Kumbh Mela package itineraries are based on key bathing dates. It is advisable if you are looking for such date then rather let’s pre-plan and book early to avoid a spike in last-minute prices and get better options.  

Made to Measure Kumbh Mela packages

  1. Short and Sweet glimpses – 3Night & 4 Days Packages Kumbh Tour Packages.
  2.  Explore Allahabad in Kumbh with Varanasi – 6 Night &  7 Days Kumbh Package. 
  3. Kumbh exploration in Allahabad, Varanasi & Ayodhya – 9 Night & 10 Days 
  4. Kumbh with Delhi Experiences – Can be combined with any above packages 
  5. Golden Triangle  with Kumbh Mela Package – Can be combined with above 1-3 No’s Packages 
  6. Kumbh with Rajasthan – Can be combined with above 1-3 No’s packages 

Short and Sweet glimpses (SSG)

Explore Allahabad in Kumbh with Varanasi

Kumbh exploration in Allahabad, Varanasi & Ayodhya

Tips to select a package 

Most important part of Kumbh Mela is to get on the right key dates. So you have to certainly plan for that but along with you can see nearby dates festivals coming through. Also If Kumbh Mela is on the card then ensure you don’t miss Royal Bath its a must do a mesmerizing activity.