What Kumbh Mela Means?

Kumbh in today’s world means the world’s largest congregation of religious pilgrims. But the authentic meaning of Kumbh or Kumbha – “Kalash or Gadha in Hindi & Pot/Pitcher in English”. The existence of Kumbh Mela or Origin from the pot which was carrying Nectar of immortality by God who was carrying Nectar of immortality to save from Devils (Asuras).

Now interesting story started about Kumbh Mela where this Pot – Kumbha was supposed to be shared between two “God & Devils” as part of the agreement to stop fight between God and Devil to save future.

The God sense with the time that these Devil will not change as part of the treaty after sharing of Nectar for not to harm anyone on earth. Once Nectar is given to demigods they will break the treaty. God removed Nectar from the place and Devil found about this happening.

God removed Kumbh which was located in the Ocean. Devil (asuras) chased the God but in the meantime, this Nectar pot spill and 4 drops were fallen on these four sacred places where Kumbh Mela is happening.

As per medieval Hindu Mythology is “Samundra Manthan – Origin of Amrita” which means in EnglishThe Nectar of Immortality“.

kumbha, nectar pot of immortality,
Kumbh or Kumbha – Simple term Pot of Nectar of immortality.