Mythological Kumbh

Mythological Origin and Significance of Kumbh Mela India

Kumbh Mela Havan 

According to Hindu mythology, Gods once lost their strength and in order to regain it, they agreed with the demons to churn the primordial ocean of milk for ‘Amrit’ – the elixir of immortality. This was to be shared equally between them. However, a fight broke out and during the battle, drops of nectar is believed to have fallen in the places that the Kumbh Mela is now held. The rivers at these places are believed to turn back into that primordial nectar giving pilgrims a chance to bathe in the essence of purity, auspiciousness and immortality. The term ‘Kumbh’ comes from this mythic pot of elixir.

A Saint taking dip in Ganga during Kumbh – Dedicated so much in spiritual his hair reflect dedication. These Saints (Sadhu’s) do go through tough condition  to attain spiritual peace and oneself.   

The exact age of the festival is uncertain. However, earliest recorded mention of the festival dates back to 644 CE by Chinese traveler Xuanzang while on his visit in the court of Emperor Shiladitya where he mentioned of the Emperor organising a ritual at the confluence of two rivers in Prayag (modern day Allahabad). He also mentions that many hundreds took a bath at the confluence, to wash away their sins.

attendies at maha kumbh gathering
Across world devotees participate in Kumbh Mela

In its current avatar, the festival is one of the largest peaceful gatherings in the world and considered as the world’s largest congregation of pilgrims. In recognition of the festival’s importance, UNESCO included the Kumbh Mela on its Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list.

Kid in God SHIV avtar dressed up
From Kids to Old age all participate in Kumbh Mela 

Pretty Intersting things not to missed out in Kumbh Mela 

You will be astonished if you are first time to see very different things which will not only amaze you but will also put your thinking hat activated. 

Nagas Sadhu – Are Saints who don’t wear cloth be it winter, summer or any season and goes through very difficult conditions 

Naga Sadhu (literal meaning Nude Saint) in Tent giving time to devotees in Kumbh Camp. If you want amazing memories Naga Babas are the delight for Photographer 


Picture of Devotees and Priest Performing Rituals  

Kumbh Parampara – Rituals