India Kumbh Mela 2019 – Why its part of UNESCO’s Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity #kumbhmela2019

India, Colours and Depth 

India “Maha Kumbh” #festival popularly known as Hindu festival of mass pilgrimage is an amazing amalgamation of faith, colors, people, culture, history, masses, classes, food, trust and lots of human element. This time 2019 Kumbh Mela (fair) would be assembled at Allahabad also knows as “Ardh Kumbh Allahabad 2019” happens to be in 6 years.

Kumbh Snan – Kumbh Bath

Kumbh bath or in Hindi/Native language its called “Kumbha Snan (bath)” or “Kumbha Bath (dip)” a dip of purity where all your sins are washed as part of accepting the sins and moving forward to do good.

India a land of rich #mythology and Kumbh Mela (fair) is one of the classic festivals shows the richness which is reflecting in this Hindu Pilgrimage where masses get together to share, see and explore experience.

… #2019 Kumbh Mela is starting of another auspicious era which will witness masses across the world coming to India and enjoying this festival of truth.

The readiness of Kumbh Mela by Government

Indian Government has not left any stone unturned to make sure this festival of masses goes smooth. Tourist gets a sail even in such a huge crowd gathering. #History speaks for itself and great improvement has been observed from past on arranging logistics and seamless flow of people.

#2019Kumbh Mela – Schedule

Kumbh Mela #2019Official Logo by Uttar Pradesh Government

Allahabad kumbh 2019 India – Ardha (Semi – 6 years) Kumbh Mela  Important & Special Bath Dates.  

2019 Kumbh Mela/Fair Starts from  14th January 2019 and Festival Dates for Bath. You can also visit official government website for official details.  

Kumbh Snan (Bath) schedule for 2019 - Devotee taking bath
Kumbh Snan (Bath) and Devotees at peace 
S NoSpecial Bath Dates 2019 Ardh KumbhDayFestivalsBath
114th and 15th January15th TuesdayMakar Sankranti1st Shahi Snan (Royal Bath)
221st JanuaryMondayPosh Purnima / Poornima (Full Moon)
34th FebruaryMondayMouni Amavasya (Moon)2nd Shahi Snan (Main Royal Bath)
410th FebruarySundayBasant Panchami3rd Shahi Snan (Royal Bath)
519th FebruaryTuesdayMaghi Poornima
64th MarchMondayMaha Shivratri

10 Interesting  things about Kumbh Mela

Kumbh Mela the 

#Intersting Facts Kumbh Mela 
1Kumbh Mela switches between 4 cities named as Haridwar, Prayag (Allahabad), Ujjain and Nashik and you know why only 4 because as per mythological stories when nectar churn was happening between Gods and Devils (asuras) drops fallen in these four cities only.
2Do you know how dates of Kumbh are decided? Dates are calculated based on zodiac positions Jupiter, The Sun and The Moon based on Hindu Calendar.
3Kumbh Snan means bath in sacred water which will clean all your sins based on Hindu belief. 
4As per one of the Harvard research Kumbh Mela is named as Mega Pop city and you wont be surprised when you will come to know Kumbh 2013 attracted more 100 Million visitor which is like 10 Paris population grand isn’t?
5Sadhus (saint men) – Are surely going to surprise you, Kumbh is like mecca for them and you will find all be it Nagas (Nude saint don’t wear anything), Kalpwasis (3 times a day bath), Urdhawavahurs (you will find there body in extreme austerities because they believe this will purify there body)
6Guess who and when Kumbh mela would have been discovered? More then 2000 years Kumbh mela is going on and written evidence was found from Chinese traveller Xuanzang diary who visited India at rule of King Harshavardhana
7Does this have an impact on economy? In 2013 Kumbh mela it is estimated more then 6,50,000 jobs creation happened and business of more then INR 12,000 Crore (USD 1.8 Billion)
8How this mamoth Mela/fair organised? As per government data – 50,000 Police Personal deployed, 40,000 plus toilet set up, 14 Temp Hospital with 250 plus doctors setup in 2013 Kumbh Mela
9There are four types of Kumbh – Ardha (Half) happens in 6 years, Purna (full) happens in 12 years, Maha Kumbh – Once in 144 years!
10How does zodiac planet decide locaiton of kumbh mela based on sun sign? When will Kumbh mela happen and where is decided based on below logic as per Hindu Calender
Nashik = Sun+Jupiter in Leo
Haridwar = Sun in Aries
Prayag (Allahbad) = Sun in Capricorn & Jupiter in Taurus
Ujjain = Jupiter+Sun in Scorpio

Kumbh Mela – Full of Differences and Colours 

Rich beauty of India and its Heritage 

India a land of rich philosophy and wide cultures which is an indispensable resource for its people. People of India are spiritualist and follow religiously honestly. You can see sadhus chanting the mantra, joss stick smell and lovely faces full of faith.

Kumbh Mela starting on 14th January mark a start of Year also from Makar Sankranti where Indians believe its auspicious day to start New Year. Next upcoming festival is Holi which will be at the end of Holi.

Kumbh Mela in Night - glorious look thousands of devotees

#Documentary on Kumbh Mela 2013

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  1. L’Inde est un pays si fascinant que l’on puisse planifier ce festival étonnant et attrayant. Nous souhaitons venir en Inde en janvier et, s’il est sûr de le visiter, veuillez nous en informer. Merci

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