Drone in India – Can you bring Drone in India?

Indian Government finally reviled the Guidelines of Drone Usage in India

Following topics are covered in our post

  • Drone Flying guidelines in India for Civil purpose
  • Classification of Drones 
  • Implications of the guidelines
  • Our take on guidelines for drone flying

How to fly Drone in India

Indian Government has finally published Drone flying guidelines 1.0. As a tourist we always wonder can we take drone in other country we are flying, what would be the guidelines? where to fly? 

We tried to present the guidelines in simplified manner for tourist who are visiting to India.

What does Civil usage mean?

Civil usage of drone are classified for purpose of use which includes but not limited to as mentioned below – 

  • Photography & Videography
  • Asset maintenance
  • Agriculture
  • Insurance
  • Goods & food delivery etc

Drone Flying Guidelines in India for Civil purpose 1.0

Amazon has been flying drones to deliver goods, Domino’s deliver pizza 🍕 also via drones but in India, it was not allowed before this regulation.

India Government, Department of Director General Civil Aviation has finally issued guideline to fly Drone in Indian sky on 27th Aug 2018 and will be applicable from 1st December 2018. Under the scheme named – Operations Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) to be enabled through Digital Sky Platform.

Classification or Categories of Drone types

TypeClassification in terms of Weight
NanoUpto 250 Grams 
MicroMore than 250 Grams upto 2 KG 
MiniMore than 2 kg and less than or equal to 25 kg.
SmallMore than 25 kg and less than or equal to 150 kg.
LargeMore than 150 kg.

What does DGCA drone Guideline say? 

Model aircraft (MTOW upto 2kg, without any payload) flown below 200 ft inside educational institution premises will not require UIN and/or UAOP. Aeromodellers/recreational flyers under this category shall be fully responsible for its operation, safety and security.

They shall inform the local police authorities before undertaking such activities even for indoor operation.

Application Process

Upon receipt of the application along with necessary documents, DGCA shall examine the request for issuance of UIN, UAOP and/or import clearance. 

The application will be processed on case-to-case basis.

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